[:en]Liposomal Serum with actives that repair DNA preventing and treating skin photoaging. Treatment of pre-and post sun exposure base. Prepare the skin and repairs damage. Based on nanotechnology, a technological revolution in the service of dermatology. Thanks to nanotechnology the transport of DNA repair enzymes to the deepest layers of the skin is possible. Nano sized liposomes have an excellent tolerance due to their composition being similar to that of cell membranes. In this way it Endonucleases and Photolyases reach their target.

Composition Physical, chemical and biological filters (green tea, ergothioneine and silymarin), DNA repair enzymes: Photolyases and endonucleases.[:ru]Интенсивный уход перед загаром.

Состав Экстракт камелии масличной, экстракт расторопши пятнистой, птеростильбен, кверцитин, коэнзим Q10, экстрактирландского мха, экстракт винограда, тиоктовая кислота.[:]

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Liposomal serum with active substances that repair DNA, preventing and treating photoaging of the skin. Base treatment before and after tanning. Prepare skin and repair damage. Based on nanotechnology, the technological revolution is at the service of dermatology. Thanks to nanotechnology, it is possible to transport DNA repair enzymes to the deepest layers of the skin.